red shift

Recorded live on our 2016 european tour

After finishing our third studio album “Red,” we embarked on a 57-date tour of Germany, Holland, and Belgium during the summer of 2016. We performed in concert halls, cathedrals, bars, farmhouses, and even a prison in Bremen. And through each show, the band and the songs of “Red” grew and evolved from the snapshots captured on the studio album. This record documents that growth.

Red Shift


  • Kyle Evans Tenor vocals, Acoustic/Electric Guitar
  • Aviva Jaye Alto Vocals, Keyboards
  • Cody Rahn Drums
  • Alex Minier Bass Guitar, Vocals
  • Jason Mattis Bass Guitar
  • Steve Sasso Banjo
  • Josh Grove Electric Guitar


  • Michael Wilken Live Engineering
  • Echo Bloom Live Engineering
  • Scotty O'Toole Post Production Mixing
  • Carl Saff Mastering


  • Everyone at Songs and Whispers - Heiko, Astrid, Arne, Mareike, Mona
  • Bob Borbonus and everyone at Godin guitars
  • Evans Drum Heads
  • Promark sticks
  • Elsa Nilsson
  • Cynthia Duggan
  • Family and friends throughout the world