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May 14, 2013

I moved around a lot after I put out Jamboree. I left Washington DC and bounced between Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Berlin before finally landing in Brooklyn three years later. In all that time I continued to write songs, but without a geographic home base I wasn't able to get a band together to record any of them. When I finally landed in New York, I looked at the accumulated work of the past few years and realized that I had three albums - one chamber pop (Blue), another country/shoegaze (Red), and a third classic pop (Green).

Blue came in the summer of 2010. I'd holed up in a flat in Berlin to work on songs for a new album. I knew the sonic world I wanted the album to live in - big orchestral textures with choral parts and horns - but I hadn't executed a recording with chamber instruments before, and didn't know quite where to start. Berlin turned out to be the perfect location for focusing - I didn't know anybody or speak the language, so I didn't have many distractions. All there was to do was write, and occasionally bike through the city for inspiration. During my time there I wrote and arranged the songs that would become 'Blue'.

This album wouldn't have been possible without the following people:

Chris Butler, Aviva Jaye, Cynthia Duggan, Jonathan Reus, Joseph Gregorio, Greg Winkler, Adam Van Loon, Cameron Ackroyd, Gregg McNeill, Lesley-Anne Morrison, Johnny Vince-Evans, Rob Byers, Nicolas Renier, Jason Mattis, Shareef Taher, and Josh Grove.

Kyle Evans - Tenor vocals, Guitars, Charango, Banjo, Mandolin, Glockenspiel, Mellotron, Piano, Organ, Percussion
Aviva Jaye - Alto Vocals, Piano
Shareef Taher - Drums
Josh Grove - Bass
Steve Sasso - Baritone Vocals
Zachary Stains - Tenor Vocals
Brian Mummert - Tenor Vocals
Monica Jo Montany - Alto Vocals
Kate Vargas - Alto Vocals
Jeffrey Young - Violin
Patti Kilroy - Violin
Beth Meyers - Viola
Isabel Castellvi - Cello
Esther Viola Kurtz - Oboe
Jacquelyn Adams - French Horn
Cory McAbee - Autoharp
Dan Cray - Piano
Nicolas Renier - Organ

Written and produced by Kyle Evans. Made at Butler Recording and at home, in Brooklyn, NY in 2012. Engineered and mixed by Chris Butler. Mastered by Charlie Pilzer at Airshow Mastering, in Takoma Park, MD. Design and Packaging by John Whitlock.

01. Annunciation 2:52
02. Cedar Beach 3:56
03. Veins 4:55
04. Blue 3:48
05. The Prostitute (Goodbye, Savannah) 4:11
06. The Flood 7:42
07. The Returning of the Doves 4:54
08. Fireworks 3:34
09. Seeds 4:02
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