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Forever Ruth

May 15, 2006

The Rosemont Family Reunion were Kyle and Lissy Rosemont. Forever Ruth was recorded between November 2004 and February 2006 at home in Washington DC. The album was composed, arranged, produced, and engineered by Kyle Rosemont with the invaluable engineering assistance of Johnny Vince-Evans and a large cast of friends who offered unending support, encouragement, and love. You are all our family.

Ben Redwine appears courtesy of MapleShade Records. Photography by the Rosemont Family Reunion. Art Direction by Brandon Rosemont. Mixed by Johnny Vince-Evans. Mastered by Charlie Pilzer at AirShow Mastering, Springfield, VA.

Kyle Evans - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Harmonica, Piano, Percussion, Organ, Tape Collage, Melodica, Banjo, Mandolin
Lissy Rosemont - Vocals
Chris Deech - Drums
Aura Kanegis - Background Vocals
Jocelyn Frank - Oboe
Dave Nogueras - Background Vocals, Mandolin
Drew Baglino - Piano, Organ
Rosemont Family Hallelujah Chorus - Stomps
Belford Lawson - Baritone Saxophone
Steve Carrington - Alto Saxophone
Ben Redwine - Clarinet
Geoff Rohrbach - Flute
Helen Tocco - Flute
Tommy Curtain - Trumpet
Brad Spead - Alto Saxophone
Mario Murray - Alto Saxophone
Colin McCormick - Trombone
Karl Galle - Tuba

01. The Kennedy Song 1:37
02. Stomp 3:16
03. Ho Ho Ho 4:30
04. Ho Ho Ho - A Brief Reprise 0:56
05. The Great Atlantic 3:24
06. Julia 3:33
07. Please 4:54
08. Forever Ruth 4:58
09. 1959 3:49
10. Leaving Here Tomorrow 3:38
11. Olive 3:55
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