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January 29, 2016

"Red" is the second of our Colors triptych - the first, chamber pop ("Blue"), the second, country/shoegaze ("Red"), and the third, classic pop ("Green" - to come soon). "Blue" was the jumping off point. The band that coalesced around the tours of that first record blended into a recording band, which allowed us to cut most of Red live. Where "Blue" was impressions and suggestions, "Red" is stories and pictures, clear, in black and white.

It's funny how much the places you're from never escape you, and poke their way through your skin from time to time. I grew up in the South, and in some ways have spent my life simultaneously trying to find a home somewhere else, and wrapping my head around this mystical magic that seeps through the sand in Northwest Florida and Alabama. That's where these songs live, that's where they're from.

Kyle Evans - Tenor Vocals, guitars, banjo, keyboards, tambourine
Aviva Jaye - Alto Vocals, keyboards
Steve Sasso - Tenor Vocals, banjo, tambourine
Josh Grove - guitars
Jason Mattis - bass
Shareef Taher - drums

Michael William Levine - Pedal Steel
Anita Purcell - background vocals
Michael Gullo - background vocals
Jeffrey Young - Violin
Emily Price - Cello

Special Thanks - All of our PledgeMusic backers; Heiko, Astrid, and everyone at Songs and Whispers; Bea, Patrick, Alex, Alvaro, and the rest of the EIPR gang; Duggan, Rachael and everyone in Austin;  Cynthia and my family, Andrew Tavis, and Rob Ignazio.

Written and produced by Kyle Evans.  Recorded at home and at Butler Recording, Brooklyn, NY.  Recorded and mixed by Chris D. Butler.
Additional Engineering: Garrett Frierson.  Mastering: Carl Saff
Artwork by John Whitlock

01. Leaving Charleston 4:07
02. Operator 3:50
03. Evangeline 4:29
04. Willingham 4:14
05. Another Rose 4:01
06. Texas Two 3:52
07. Revenge 6:05
08. Cynthia's Song 2:57
09. In Orbit 5:05
10. The Businessman 6:12
11. Country Op 3:06
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